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Widow Wolfpack - Husband Murdered - Ladies V-Neck

Widow Wolfpack - Husband Murdered - Ladies V-Neck

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"Widow Wolfpack -  Advocacy Ladies V-Neck T-shirt

On Back - "My Husband was Killed by C19 Protocols" 

Ladies Styles do not come in 4 XL and do not come in Military Green. See Unisex style product for those options. 

Join the pack with purpose with our "Widow Wolfpack - Halt Hospital Homicide" T-shirt. This potent symbol is for the fierce coalition of widows who have banded together like a determined pack of wolves, advocating for the truth and seeking to end the devastating impact of destructive hospital protocols.

The shirt's powerful emblem represents the unity and strength of the Widow Wolfpack, whose members support one another while fearlessly fighting for accountability. It's a declaration of their relentless spirit, a commitment to seek justice for their loved ones, and a stark reminder that there is power in numbers.

Designed with the wearer in mind, this T-shirt combines comfort with purpose, ideal for community gatherings, advocacy events, or simply as a daily statement of solidarity. It serves as a rallying cry for all who believe in challenging the status quo and protecting future patients from harm.

Supporting this cause means directly contributing to the battle these brave souls are waging. With 75% of the profits directed to the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation, your purchase aids in sustaining the mission of the Humanity Betrayal Memory Project, ensuring that the message of the Widow Wolfpack is heard far and wide.

Wear it with pride and join the howl for justice. Together, the Widow Wolfpack is not just mourning the past, but fiercely shaping a safer, more transparent future in healthcare. For more information about their stories go to the Covid Humanity Betrayal Memory Project at

100% Preshrunk Cotton T-Shirt in all colors except Sport Gray which is 90/10 cotton / polyester blend. 

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