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Oh Snap! Gingerbread Cookie - 15 oz Mug

Oh Snap! Gingerbread Cookie - 15 oz Mug

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"Oh Snap! Hot Cocoa Weather" Gingerbread Man Mug - 15 oz

Welcome the chilly embrace of winter with our delightful 15 oz mug, where a gingerbread man with a bit of a bite taken out of him exclaims, "Oh Snap!" on one side, and a steaming mug of hot cocoa accompanied by the words "Hot Cocoa Weather" on the other. This larger-sized mug is perfect for those who love a little extra warmth and a good giggle with their seasonal sips. Whether it's for holding your favorite hot chocolate, infused with marshmallows, or cradling a comforting brew, this mug is a heartwarming addition to your winter routine. It's the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys a touch of sweetness and humor during the holiday hustle. So cozy up and raise a mug to toast to the season – after all, it's the weather for hot cocoa and smiles!

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