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I Ate Santa's Cookies - 12 oz Mug

I Ate Santa's Cookies - 12 oz Mug

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"I Ate Santa's Cookies" Gingerbread Mug - 12 oz

Caught red-handed! Our cheeky 12 oz mug comes adorned with a deliciously mischievous gingerbread cookie on one side and the confession "I Ate Santa's Cookies" on the other. Crafted for those who delight in the sweet side of the holidays, this mug is the perfect vessel for your steamy hot chocolates, robust coffees, or spiced teas. With its playful design and seasonal charm, it's sure to add a dash of humor to your Christmas morning or a relaxing evening by the fire. Nab one for yourself and your partners-in-crime this festive season, but remember—like the last cookie on Santa’s plate, this mug won't stick around for long!

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